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The Capernaum Institute of Theology and Evangelism is a non-denominational evangelical organization, established int 2002.

Even thogh we have a Presbyterian background, we do not have any closed or negative prejudice against other denominations.

Beyond the anti-scientific fundamental Christianity, he hopes to abolish and overcome the malfunction of fake creationology.

Being escaped from science and reason, the contemporary Christianity has lost its direction ane kerygma at the crossroad.

Our faith should be strong and effective enough to tide over the streams and waves of darkness that we encounter today.

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Do not make a long stay on the fake peace and love of the world.

Wherever you are, escape from the umbrella of exoteric customs.

Come into the treasury of the esoteric spirituality of the Lord God.

God is Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and Savior of Life.

Whoever loves his/her own spirit in God would be protected by.

Do not reject any endeavor of others easy, including even science!

Take off your traditional values for a while, and put on the Spirit!

You may see and meet Jesus who is on the right throne of God!







































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Capernaum Institute of Theology and Evangelism is a non-denominational evangelistic organization.